Autumn Ridge Family Ministry equips, empowers, and encourages families and homes in the life preparation and discipleship of children and teenagers. Activities such as Family Camp and Marriage Retreats help to build the foundation needed for becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.

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What would it mean to you to have a week in which you can slow down and enjoy the beauty of the north woods and a lakeside beach? What would it mean to you to see your kids enthralled by play and all that it means to be carefree? What would it mean to you to have unhurried time with friends and the chance to solidify new friendships? What would it mean to you to have access to what feels like endless activities, while being free from the burden of cooking and cleanup? What would it mean to you be spiritually refreshed and encouraged?

It's in the intersection of your answers to those questions that you find the explanation for why Autumn Ridge’s annual trek to Fort Wilderness is so cherished. We want you to experience that. We want you to come with me next year. The experience may be far off, but the time to register is now.

Why is registration so urgent? Like any well-run organization, Fort Wilderness has to plan now for a great experience then. Because of our longstanding relationship with them, they are giving us the gift of exclusively limiting registration to people from Autumn Ridge, but only until the end of October. After that, registration will open to everyone, everywhere.

  • Family Camp 2023: July 29-August 4



Whether you are considering getting married or have been married for 50 years, the marriage ministry wants to help make your marriage the best it can be, because marriage truly does matter. Marriage is foundational to what we’re all about. We believe that marriage is a reflection of God’s love for us. Healthy marriages build healthy families, which in turn build healthy churches and communities.