Join us at Church this weekend!

We want to be a church that feels like home, for individuals and families in Rochester.

Join us this weekend for music and worship, engaging and helpful sermons, and a supportive and friendly community.

What To Expect

Weekend Services

Wear what's comfortable

The most common outfit is probably jeans and a nice shirt, but you'll likely see everything from suits and dresses to sweatpants and t-shirts.


Weekend Services

Grab a snack

Coffee and snacks are offered in the main cafe and more coffee is also available in the gym lobby. All refreshments are all taken down about 15 minutes into the second service at 10:30am, so be sure to grab anything you'd like before then.

Weekend Services

Energetic kid's programming

Kid's programming (Sunday school) is offered for ages birth through grade 5. First time registration is at the desk under the main stairs, right outside the secure AR Kids wing. If your child needs you during the service, you'll get a text message right on your phone.


Weekend Services

Sit where you wish

Sit on your own, with someone you know, or mix it up each week. Accessible seating is available near the back of the main aisles. Family seating in the back rows is also available for those who wish to have their young kids in the service.

Weekend Services

Family room in the lobby

If you want to stay with your kids but consider them too restless for the auditorium, you can always use our Family Worship Room off the main lobby. The kids get toys, a play area, and more freedom, and you'll still get to watch and listen to the service on the TV.


Weekend Services

Chat with us

One of our values is to honor guests enthusiastically. We do our best to make you feel welcomed while also giving you space if that's what you want. Our Connection Center in the lobby is a great place to have a conversation about what you're looking for in a church.

Looking for church services in Rochester that resonate with your faith and values? Autumn Ridge Church offers dynamic and inspiring church services that connect bible-believing Christians across ages and cultures. We welcome anyone to join us at church, and we are transparent about what we believe on our About Us page. Our commitment to authentic worship and relevant teaching sets us apart as a destination for those seeking Christian church services in Rochester, MN. Whether you are a longtime believer or just exploring your faith, our diverse congregation provides a welcoming space for you to grow in your relationship with God and connect with others who share your journey.

Most people consider our music a modern expression of worship and we value unity across musical preferences as we seek to use the abilities of our congregation to provide excellent music as we worship God. Our music selection includes both new and old songs that represent the grace of the gospel and the truth of Scripture as we seek to glorify God through Jesus and the Spirit.

Autumn Ridge Church hopes to be a beacon of hope and love in Rochester, offering spiritual growth support and a community of those who follow Jesus. We do our best to live out what we believe through our outreach programs, community events, and small group opportunities that create avenues for meaningful connections and service to the greater Rochester area.

Discover the community of Autumn Ridge Church and find a spiritual home where you can grow, belong, and make a difference.

We hope to see you again next week!

The messages you hear, the programs we offer, and our work in the community are all based on our mission to lead people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Learn more about what we believe on our About Us page.