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Men and Women in Leadership at Autumn Ridge Church

Excerpt from the Elder Board Statement


"In December 2023, after more than 1.5 years of deliberate study and discussion, the Elder Board, by majority vote, made the following position statement:


Women may occupy or serve in any position of leadership at Autumn Ridge Church.


When the elder nomination process begins for 2025, women who are nominated will also be fully
considered as prospective elders. We recognize that responses to this new practice will range from
celebration to concern. Many will simply be curious about the nature of this process and possible
implications of this decision.


It is our hope and prayer that we will remain a body of believers with diverse viewpoints and that our
church experiences profound peace and unity through our inclusion in Christ."

Questions included in the FAQ document:

  1. Have there been any changes in how we regard Scripture?
  2. Are we saying that those who disagree with this decision are unbiblical?
  3. Is this an essential or non-essential issue?
  4. What do we say to those who have left or are thinking of leaving over this decision?
  5. Does this decision put us on a slippery slope toward affirming same-sex marriage or other LGBTQ issues?
  6. What is our church’s historic practice and position regarding women in leadership?
  7. Why make a change at all, wasn’t the compromise working?
  8. Are there biblical examples of women in leadership?
  9. How do we know the difference between a tension and a contradiction?
  10. What resources are recommended for further study?

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