Upward Soccer - 2023 Season Cancelled

Upward Soccer

2023 Season is Cancelled

Kids and family have enjoyed the Upward program for many years and Autumn Ridge Church has been blessed to host the league during that time.

We are grateful for those of you who formed a community of friends through this program.

We are also grateful to Ben Boldt and the Boldt family for giving so much of their time over the last five years to recruit volunteers, work with the Upward program to plan schedules, and ensure all other logistical needs were covered for each practice & game. Without the Boldts, there would not have been Upward Soccer for all our children to enjoy. So, would you please thank them for all the time their family gave to this incredible program?
That being said, we must share with you that a change is coming to Upward Soccer this year. With the transition of the Boldt family to other ministry opportunities, we will be taking a year off from running Upward Soccer. Our primary reason for this shift is the lack of a leadership team to do the administrative and on-the-field roles needed to run the program. Furthermore, our volunteer teams of coaches, setup/teardown volunteers, & devotional givers have been shrinking each year.

So, for the next year, we will focus on building a team of leaders and volunteers to help manage Upward going forward.

Our dream is to expand the reach of Upward Soccer, and to do that; we need to have a team that can lead, develop, and care for those who will join us as players and families.

Upward Soccer is not just a place for our kids to play soccer. We need more strong leaders on the field, empowering our kids to grow as a team. Upward should also develop their capacity to grow and contribute on the field and off, and we should train our leaders to respond to the needs and well-being of the kids on the field and in the community.

This news may come as a surprise to some of you. As you process this news, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. If you are interested in helping develop this next level of Upward Soccer, please let us know.

Autumn Ridge Church &
Upward Soccer Leadership Team