Small Groups at Autumn Ridge Church

Small groups, sometimes called "Life Groups" or "Family Groups," are cohorts of 6-12 people who meet outside of the weekend services to build relationships, encourage each other in their faith, and study the Bible together. This is an important way that Autumn Ridge helps make a big church feel small.

Several times a year, Autumn Ridge Small Groups unite to study material that goes into deeper application of the Scripture and content presented in specific sermon series. If you aren't yet in a Small Group, these all-church studies are great opportunities to try it out with no long-term commitment.


1 Timothy

1 Timothy

1 Timothy Message Series The series thesis is: We teach what we know, but reproduce who we are. And the theme verse is: Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere […]

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Previous All-Church Studies

Below, you will find links to the study guides, videos, message outlines, and manuscripts for each week of our studies. These are great resources for individual and group studies.