A way to bless the community and build a bridge of friendship with those who have no church home.

On Saturday, October 30, from 11am-3pm, we are doing something called RIDGEFEST. This will be a fall festival full of games and fun experiences for kids and families. The heartbeat behind it is to bless this community and build a bridge of friendship with the many people in the greater Rochester area who have no church home.  

The best information we have indicates almost 85,000 people who live inside the city limits of Rochester rarely or never engage with a church. Approximately 100,000 people who live inside the city limits are not engaged with a church on any given weekend. Those are staggering numbers. For many decades it has been the passion of this church to love this city well. This is our next step.

Could you imagine thousands of people from this community, inside of our building, enjoying an over-the-top experience that blesses their families? What might God do with that? I say let’s find out! This will require an all-church effort. Many people have already expressed excitement. I’m asking for your participation. Will you click the link below and to volunteer to serve? You can sign up as an individual, as a group, or as a family.

We are going to partner together and we are going to pray that God uses this for his glory and the good of this city.

In Christ,

Pastor Rick