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Questions: Lost Words of Jesus Wk 1

Lost Words of Jesus

Week 1: Luke 15:1-10
Pastor Svea Merry                May 11-12, 2024

Lost Words of Jesus Week 1 Discussion Questions

  • Share a story about a time someone or something very precious to you went missing, and then you experienced the incredible joy of relief when the person or thing was found.
  • Do you most tend to identify with Jesus’s parable in Luke 15:1–7 as one of the lost sheep, one of the 99 faithful sheep, or the shepherd? Has that changed as your faith has matured?
  • Share with your group about someone that you desperately hope will return to or find their faith in Jesus. How are you “searching” for them currently?
  • Pastor Svea encouraged us to lay groundwork for reaching lost people by not isolating ourselves in Christian community, actively building relationships with lost people, and loving people holistically (caring about all their needs in addition to their faith). How have you experienced these things to open doors for sharing the gospel? What additional ways have you found success in reaching lost people?
  • What action steps might God be directing you to take this week to advance your “search” for lost people? How could this group support you in that?