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Connect, October 25, 2022: Ridgefest Volunteer Info

Connect, October 25, 2022: Ridgefest Volunteer Info

We’ve been talking about it for months. And this Saturday, October 29, from 11am-3pm Ridgefest is finally here. There is still time to invite people with whom you have a connection - no matter how minor. Media and social media outlets have been abuzz with details about Ridgefest. This is not an event to be missed as we invite our community to a free, family-friendly day.

Many details may be helpful for volunteers - such as where to park, where to check in, etc. Those details are below.

Helpful Ridgefest Volunteer Information

Entry and Parking for Ridgefest Volunteers

If you are volunteering, please do not use the main Salem Road entrance. Continue on to Autumn Ridge Road and use the west entrance (the normal exit after weekend services). You can park in the areas outlined in blue. There will be signs to help guide you.

Connect, October 25, 2022: Ridgefest Volunteer Info


If you park in the upper lot, you can use the skybridge entrance (door 3) and you will be directed on how to get to Volunteer Central in LC100. If you park along the edge of the lot you may wish to use the Center Lobby entrance (door 6).

Connect, October 25, 2022: Ridgefest Volunteer Info

Volunteer Central

Volunteer Central is where you can check in, get a map of the grounds, get a volunteer lanyard, and find out where, and to whom, you should report. Volunteer Central is located on LC100, just off the Center Lobby entrance (right below the Lighthouse). At the end of your volunteer shift, please return your lanyard to Volunteer Central.

Connect, October 25, 2022: Ridgefest Volunteer Info

Serving our Guests

Most volunteer positions are either a morning (11:00am-1:00pm) or afternoon (1:00pm-3:00pm) shift. Some positions are scheduled before or after these times, and you should have received a separate email with instructions. Beyond specific duties, the purpose of our volunteers is to honor guests enthusiastically; we care about their experience more than our own. Please engage with our guests, answer any questions they may have about activities, and even answer questions about Autumn Ridge Church. The welcome tents at the main and Center entrances will be able to provide detailed information about the church if needed. To help create an irresistible environment, this year we've added a hand washing station by the petting zoo, a quiet zone for families with special needs children in the Center, and a nursing mother's room in the AR Kids wing.

Thank you for volunteering!

We've been saying for weeks an event of this scale requires hundreds of volunteers for an exceptional experience. Thank you for your part in making Ridgefest a success.

It appears the weather will be glorious on October 29. We know this time of year good weather is not a given. We thank God for his provision. Please join us in praying this week for each of the thousands of people who will be our guests on Saturday. We want our guests to discover what we can do for them.