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Connect, March 5, 2024: Leading Small in Kid’s Ministry

Connect, March 5, 2024: Leading Small in Kid's Ministry

Leading Small

Consistency Is Key

One of our Family Ministry foundations at Autumn Ridge is something we call Lead Small.

Research shows us that kids learn the best when they can take what they learn alongside people who help them unpack what they learn personally. This is more essential in their spiritual walk than in any other area.

This means we need to create an environment where our kids have consistent leaders every Sunday.

We define consistency as serving at least twice a month at, but prefer four times/month. The same research tells us that for this to be effective, we must have two leaders for every ten kids - this allows kids to build close relationships that make them feel comfortable opening up and engaging with what they are learning.

Our Needs

We are in need of ADULT LEADERS to not only make our ratio better, but also just keep all of our current rooms open.

  • We need TEN NEW weekly adult leaders in order to make this happen!
    We've been closing rooms and turning away families for several weeks.
  • Currently, we have NO volunteers serving two weeks/month in our 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms
  • We’re asking that you prayerfully consider jumping on board as a weekly or bi weekly small group leader in our Elementary Kid’s Ministry.

These are some of the more important foundational years in one’s walk with Jesus & it takes dedicated adults to serve and invest in them for this impact to happen. If you have any questions or would like to check things out with a walk-through on a Sunday morning, don’t hesitate to contact our kids department at