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Connect, January 10, 2023: Update on Traditional Worship

Connect, January 10, 2023: Update on Traditional Worship

Update on Traditional Worship


Autumn Ridge Family,

We’ve all been asking, “what is next for traditional worship at Autumn Ridge?” In December, we began the search for an interim traditional worship leader. I’m happy to report that Dan Mansfield has agreed to serve in that role. Dan and his family have been a part of Autumn Ridge for two years. You will probably recognize him, as he’s been a valued member of the ARC worship team. Dan has already begun work with the choir and will officially lead on January 22.

Also in December, we established a Worship Advisory Team (WAT). Last week we held our first meeting. It’s a privilege to work with this team. Not only do they love Jesus and love this church, but they also possess a treasury of wisdom and faith that will enrich this process. I’m grateful for them and I’m sure you are too. The members of the WAT are:

  • John Aderton
  • Scott Baxter
  • Ian Benoit (Pastor of Worship)
  • Jill Boldt
  • Matt Mattingly
  • Mary Scales
  • Dave Swanson
  • Andy Tlougan (Elder)
  • Carla Werre

What will the WAT be doing? The purpose of this team is to ensure that we are being good listeners to the congregation and communicating well, especially with those who attend the 8:30am service. Together we are processing the responses to the recent survey. Perhaps most importantly, this team is prayerfully and carefully evaluating possible next steps. We have not established a timeline. We are keen to move forward methodically. It’s more of a walk than a sprint. The goal of this process is for the WAT to finalize recommendations for the pastors and elders to consider. Please pray for this team, this process, and our church.

I want to thank all of you who took the time to fill out and submit a survey. In all, 370 were returned. All of the answers and comments have been shared fully with the WAT and elders. I’ve had the opportunity to read each and every comment. I appreciate your honesty, sincerity, and candor.

I doubt you will be surprised by some themes that emerged. First, traditional worship is beloved. Next, traditional worship is defined in diverse ways by our congregation. Lastly, the challenges and transitions of the past several years have weighed heavily on many in our church.

It’s my hope that we will choose to be united in prayer. I’m asking that you will trust this process and those involved. Please keep sharing your thoughts and questions with me and those on the WAT. We are the body of Christ. He is our head. And we can be confident that he will lead and provide for us well as we seek to honor him and advance the great mission he has given us.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Rick